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Content Management Features

A business unit, product, office, or organization – create a shareable Project for each.
All question blocks are mapped to the Tentacle index of industry-accepted Security Frameworks.
Question Blocks
Capture your responses, one time. Share with others. No more spreadsheets.
Document Library
Manage policies, procedures, plans, diagrams in one place. Link your documents directly to responses.
Hand selected questions related to specific topics. Address questions in more focused bite-sized sets.
Connect with vendors and partners to proactively share your Projects.

Track & Share Your Security Posture at the Project Level

Tentacle offers the ability to track security postures at the Project level. Create a Project for a business unit, geographic office, specific product line, or any other project requiring isolated information security data.

Project-specific information can be shared both internally and externally. Keep all necessary stakeholders properly informed and continually updated through the connection feature. Additionally, maintain connectivity with your partners and vendors, understanding their security posture in real-time, all the time!


Project Sharing

Segment your information across multiple Projects. Each Project can be shared independently.


Access Permissions

Grant read-only and modify permissions for different stakeholders in your organization.

Program Mapping To Industry Security Frameworks

Tentacle gives users the ability to measure security posture by a single or multiple Frameworks. Users can locate the controls from today’s leading Frameworks and respond with the actions their organization is taking to address them.

Tentacle is continuing to add new Frameworks into the platform, allowing users to measure themselves against the criteria most applicable to their industry and/or organization.


Category & Subcategory Breakdown

Understand how each question block is categorized with its respective Framework.



Filter question blocks by specific Frameworks, risk levels, categories, areas, and more.

Improve Quality through Smarter Security Questions

Tentacle is continually crafting industry-standard framework questions into readable, understandable, and manageable blocks. We’ve taken out the traditional confusion typically found within today’s questionnaires, allowing users to focus on the accuracy and integrity of their responses.

Tentacle is on a quest to develop enhanced system intelligence to make all questions smarter, more relevant to the user, all-encompassing, and customizable. We’re doing this one “block” at a time. Tentacle question blocks can help guide any program in building the foundation for a secure information security program.


Supporting Question Details

Details for each question block provide relevant and supporting information to help users respond.


Revision Reminders

Set revision reminders for specific question blocks. Make changes or reattest with one click.

Build & Selectively Share Documentation

The documentation associated with an information security program is its backbone. Tentacle enables users to centrally organize and manage all relevant and crucial documents within a project-specific Document Library.

Tentacle enables users to link all documents directly to responses, which include policies, procedures, standards, guidelines, plans, diagrams, and artifacts. When it's time to update the document, a single change in your Document Library will update all questions where the document is referenced.


Recommended Documents

Each question block recommends relevant documents.


Sensitive Documents

Ensure sensitive documents are not shared externally.

Overview Dashboard

Build up your library with curated Collections

Jumping into thousands of security questions can be a daunting starting line for any organization. Collections are designed to provide an easy path towards generating a more complete library of security responses.

These curated sets of security questions related to important topic areas allow you to address the library in smaller, guided, and more focused sets. New Collections will be introduced over time to provide relative and focused security questions for you to address.

Get Started with Collections
Collections of Questions

The Power of Dynamic Tentacle Connections

Project Sharing
Extend a Tentacle, establish a connection! By connecting with an external stakeholder (vendor, partner, auditor, insurance provider, etc.) you can begin sharing necessary security program details related to partner-relevant Projects.
Internal Connectivity
Connections are not limited to external partners. Tentacle is designed to allow for internal stakeholders to view data that has been centrally captured, organized, and approved. This ensures that the correct information can be accessed independent of the administrators. Leave behind the days of generating support requests/tickets or email favors and get answers quickly.
Ongoing Connectivity
With a connection in place, the exchange of information security program details can take place in real-time, all the time. No more quarterly follow-ups and forget about needing to re-attest to a spreadsheet! When changes to a Project take place, everyone on the Tentacle connection stays informed.

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